New Design Spotlight: TivaWater Logo

There are a few things that can get me really, really excited about work­ing on a project. I won’t list them all but along with get­ting to cre­ate some­thing totally out of the box and cre­ative (makes my heart skip a beat), another is get­ting to work on some­thing that actu­ally makes a dif­fer­ence in the world. While I like to think that I’ve been chang­ing the world one album cover at a time for the past ten years or so, I prob­a­bly haven’t. (sigh. gasp.) Cool or pretty? Yes. Life chang­ing? Not so much.

I was super excited when TivaWa­ter con­tacted me ask­ing for help on a logo design. I hadn’t heard of them before this, but after look­ing at their web­site I knew that they were doing good things in the world. TivaWa­ter pro­vides home water fil­ters to the devel­op­ing world — cur­rently east­ern Africa and Haiti. They explained that while build­ing wells is essen­tial in these areas of the world, the water quickly gets con­t­a­m­i­nated in the dirty buck­ets they carry the water in or just from being left out in the home. Their orga­ni­za­tion makes and dis­trib­utes home water fil­ters to keep water clean and safe, thus elim­i­nat­ing the end­less cycle of dis­ease and sick­ness from water-borne ill­nesses. Beau­ti­ful, right?

TivaWa­ter recently unveiled their lovely new web­site, but they were also need­ing a new logo for both the site and a new cam­paign they are start­ing in which they share what the ben­e­fits of clean water are. The goal was to cre­ate a logo that would tie in with their exist­ing brand­ing and would serve as a type of equa­tion that they could fill in with words like time, health and resources. In the end, we decided on a clear and sim­ple logo that would work two ways, mak­ing it ver­sa­tile for their var­i­ous mar­ket­ing needs. I couldn’t be hap­pier with the final result.

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