Stagecoach Music Festival

I’ve had these charm­ing designs hang­ing out for a while now. In 2013, I was hired to design posters for the Stage­coach Music Fes­ti­val. The fes­ti­val had a cir­cus theme and the plan was to screen print these lovelies at the venue for peo­ple to buy. Such a rad idea. Unfor­tu­nately, along the way my client decided to go another direc­tion so here I am with these illus­tra­tions I love and no use for them. They are unfin­ished and lack the tex­ture and fine details I would ulti­mately add to... Read The Rest →

A Letter To Recent Grads: Advice and How I Got My Start In The Design World

I get a con­sid­er­able num­ber of inquiries from recent col­lege grads who are either look­ing for a job or just look­ing for advice. Work­ing in the music indus­try is a dream for many aspir­ing design­ers so that want to know how in the world I got my foot in the door and got started. After sev­eral times of writ­ing grads back (I’m always happy to offer what lit­tle advice I can), I started sav­ing my response so that I could just for­ward it along to any­one who asks. And so,... Read The Rest →

New Design Spotlight: Shine

This new design spot­light is actu­ally a lit­tle delayed. I fin­ished this project early LAST year, but in the bus­tle of the 2013 work load, this is the first I’m get­ting to show it off. Shine was a project of North Point Music to show­case their really awe­some kids music. Seri­ously, this music isn’t the kind that makes par­ents want to cover their ears…it’s good and fun and qual­ity. The chal­lenge, there­fore, was to design a cover that reflected the qual­ity of the music, some­thing that would appeal to par­ents... Read The Rest →

2013 Year In Review

Happy New Year! I’m start­ing out the year with clean new project jour­nal and a list of goals and dreams for 2014. I can already tell that it’s going to be a great year. But before mov­ing ahead, I wanted to take a look at the past year to see all that was accomplished. 2013 was a great year for The Visual Repub­lic with awe­some new clients and tons of fun and chal­leng­ing projects. I think the year was also the busiest I’ve ever been, which was a chal­lenge in... Read The Rest →

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christ­mas and Happy New Years from Alexis at The Visual Republic. Wish­ing you a relax­ing, joy­ful time with the ones you hold dear.   Share → Tweet

Dove Award Nomination!

  I am so excited to be nom­i­nated for a Dove Award in the cat­e­gory of “Recorded Album Pack­ag­ing” for Francesca Battistelli’s Christ­mas album. The Dove Awards are the Chris­t­ian music ver­sion of the Grammy’s, and being nom­i­nated is a huge honor. I’ve received early nom­i­na­tions before, as well as serv­ing as a judge one year, but this is the first year my designs have made it all the way to the final round. The Dove Awards take place tonight in Nashville, TN, and while I won’t be there in per­son,... Read The Rest →

New Design Spotlight: Show Hope

I was thrilled to work with Show Hope on their recent re-branding project. The team at Show Hope came to me hop­ing to give their old logo and dark web­site a new life, one that dis­plays the full­ness of life and hope that their orga­ni­za­tion gives to so many around the world. Our first task was the re-branding of their logo. The old logo didn’t have enough weight to it, and the type­faces were tired and dated, but the tree was mean­ing­ful to them so our goal was the keep the... Read The Rest →

New Design Spotlight: Tori Kelly Logo

I love hand-lettering. In the past cou­ple of years, the num­ber of let­ter­ing projects I’ve taken on has mul­ti­plied greatly, and it’s really a fun change in direc­tion for me. Take this logo for example. I was thrilled when Capi­tol Records con­tacted me to see if I could design a logo for their artist, Tori Kelly. Tori really wanted some­thing that was organic and included some sort of feather quill. I had the best time draw­ing all sorts of feath­ers and let­ters. Here is our win­ning logo! Tori is out on... Read The Rest →

Cover Rejects

Today I was dig­ging around in my time machine hard drive look­ing for an old project that a client was want­ing to alter and re-print. Along the way I stum­bled upon a lot old projects that I had for­got­ten about. Being a designer is a unique process in that I cre­ate hun­dreds of “works of art” that I might love, but that, for what­ever rea­son, the client doesn’t choose. In some ways it might feel like rejec­tion, but it’s just the result of hav­ing a highly sub­jec­tive job. Every­one has... Read The Rest →

New Design Spotlight: TivaWater Logo

There are a few things that can get me really, really excited about work­ing on a project. I won’t list them all but along with get­ting to cre­ate some­thing totally out of the box and cre­ative (makes my heart skip a beat), another is get­ting to work on some­thing that actu­ally makes a dif­fer­ence in the world. While I like to think that I’ve been chang­ing the world one album cover at a time for the past ten years or so, I prob­a­bly haven’t. (sigh. gasp.) Cool or pretty? Yes.... Read The Rest →

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